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A Third Person Action RPG Roguelite with a focus on randomly generating the dungeon, enemies and implementing an extendable spell system with the use of Scriptable Objects. Built in Unity/C#.

More details about what I implemented can be seen at https://www.deanthegamedev.com/project-1.html

Controls are WASD for movement, mouse to aim, and 1-4 for spells.

I see this game more as a Tech demo than anything else, but hopefully it can still provide a few minutes of fun!

Github is public at https://github.com/DeanIsseyegh/RogueDungeon

Gameplay video available at: 

Install instructions

For windows, download the DungeonRogueItchioBuild_2.0.zip file, extract the project and run the .exe

MacOS build also attached but is untested


DungeonRogueItchioBuild_2.0.zip 118 MB
DungeonRogueItchioBuild_2.0_MACOS.app.zip 126 MB

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